C5 petroleum resin downstream application details

- Sep 14, 2018-

In recent years, C5 petroleum resin has become a new investment hot spot in the chemical industry. Both state-owned and private enterprises attach great importance to the investment prospect of C5 petroleum resin, and build new installations and expand old plants in order to gain profits through the growth of downstream applications. As the manager of the new project, it is necessary to know more about the downstream application of C5 petroleum resin.


in the construction industry, they can be used in the construction and decoration of structures; in the automobile industry, they can be used in the assembly and tire of automobile parts; of course, there are many more fields, and they are also widely used in the fields of wood processing, commodity packaging, bookbinding, sanitary products and footwear industry. Petroleum resin is many adhesive, especially new adhesive such as hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive essential viscosity.

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2、Paint additive:

the most important application of C5 petroleum resins is as signpost paint. C5 petroleum resins can increase the gloss, hardness, water resistance and chemical resistance of coatings. Can be used as anti-rust paint, ship primer and furniture paint; Can speed up the drying rate of paint, can improve the water - based paint, acid - alkali resistance and paint hardness.


3、Ink additives:

C5 petroleum resin has the characteristics of high softening point and stable performance, which has a great impact on ink rheology and stability; At the same time there is a certain plasticity, can enhance ink gloss and wear.


4、Rubber synthetic additive:

C5 petroleum resin can change the properties of rubber, playing the role of softening, reinforcing and increasing adhesion, and can enhance the service life of butyl inner tube. It is mainly used in synthetic rubber such as styrene-butadiene rubber, cis-butadiene rubber and halogenated butyl rubber in foreign countries.


5、Paper sizing agent:

C5 petroleum resin can be used as paper sizing agent. In the general paper industry, most of the rosin as a sizing agent. Compared with rosin, petroleum resin can improve the smoothness, hydrophobicity, printability and foaming resistance of paper. Petroleum resin is more hydrophobic than rosin, and it is more effective to substitute rosin as sizing agent.


6、Additives for medical containers and packaging materials:

C5 petroleum resin can change the problems of poor heat resistance, transparency and softness in medical containers and packaging materials. In addition, the development of technology will promote the application in other fields, including new polyolefin, anti-vibration materials, optical recording materials and so on.