Application Prospect of Nanometer Zinc Oxide in Animal Production

- May 10, 2018-

(1) The stability of nano zinc oxide is good

Nano-sized granular zinc oxide has good flowability and is easily dispersed into feeds, facilitating production and processing. Its stability is good, easy to store, transport and use.

(2) It is relatively low cost to add nano-zinc oxide to feed

As the use of nano zinc oxide is reduced, feed costs are relatively reduced. For example, the addition amount of common zinc oxide in piglet feed is 3000 mg/kg, while the addition amount of nano zinc oxide is only 300 mg/kg. Reduced the amount of 10 times the added, so that the cost of feed relatively lower.

(3) Quality and health care

Nano-zinc oxide has a strong adsorption capacity, and has a strong ability to capture oxygen free radicals and alkane molecules that cause off-flavors. Therefore, it has an anti-corrosion function, thereby improving the quality of feed and improving the quality of feed. Taste; At the same time as the strong oxidation resistance of nano-zinc oxide has a strong bactericidal detoxification, which has a good health care effect on animals.

(4) The promotion of other nutrients

Because of its high absorption and utilization efficiency, nano-ZnO can reduce the amount of feed added, reduce the antagonism of other mineral elements, and increase the absorption and utilization of nitrogen by affecting the synthesis of hormones and zinc finger proteins.

(5) Positive effects on animal performance

Feeding experiments on piglets with nano-zinc oxide as a feed additive found that nano-ZnO can significantly improve the performance of piglets. Adding nano-zinc oxide 300 mg/kg can significantly increase the daily gain of piglets (P<0.05). The group (conventional zinc oxide conventional dose 3000 mg/kg) increased by 12% compared to the feed-to-weight ratio by 12.68%. There was no significant difference in the replacement of high-zinc diets with piglet diarrhea rates, hematopoiesis, and serum immunoglobulins.