Application of Zinc Oxide and Development of Magnetic Materials

- May 10, 2018-

Zinc oxide is an important branch of the inorganic chemical zinc salt series. Zinc oxide has a wide range of applications as a basic chemical raw material. With the development of science and technology, many characteristics of zinc oxide have been reconsidered. The characteristics and functions of zinc oxide have been exploited in new scientific fields and new industries, and have become an indispensable basic chemical raw material and new material in the national economic construction. Such as nano-zinc oxide is known as a new material for the 21st century. Zinc oxide is mainly divided into indirect zinc oxide, direct zinc oxide and wet zinc oxide.

Mainly used in rubber electronics, pharmaceutical coatings and other industries, especially in high-grade products such as plastic electronics, most of them use indirect zinc oxide purity as high as 99.7%; mid-range products use more than 95% of the purity of the direct method of zinc oxide; most of the oil paint used directly Method lead zinc oxide. The zinc oxide industry is a fast-growing industry in the past 10 years. Ten years ago, there were not many enterprises producing zinc oxide in the country, and no more than 20 companies had an annual output of 3000T. With the development of the high economy of the national economy, the demand for zinc oxide continues to increase in the domestic market, which has promoted the development of zinc oxide production enterprises and the production capacity has continuously expanded. From the incomplete data statistics of the past five years, the indirect production capacity of zinc oxide has risen from more than 100,000 tons to more than 300,000 tons; wet activated zinc oxide is less than 3000 tons, and it has risen to 30,000 tons; The total production capacity of zinc oxide, ie, direct zinc oxide, indirect zinc oxide, and wet zinc oxide, has reached more than one million T/A (those with low grade zinc oxide are not counted). At the same time, it is also an industry with a wide distribution, a large number of raw materials and a relatively complicated management technology. However, there is much room for the recycling of zinc resources.