Application of yellow red black pigment of iron oxide in colored cement road brick

- Mar 25, 2019-

Properties and USES of pigments:

A pigment is a substance that gives color to an object.

Pigments are divided into soluble and insoluble pigments and inorganic and organic pigments.

There are many kinds of pigments (e.g. acrylic, water-based, oil, traditional Chinese painting, gouache)

Pigments usually have the following properties:

Color: color pigment is a kind of pigment that can selectively absorb and scatter visible light. It can present yellow, red, blue, green and other colors under natural light conditions.

Tinting power: the ability of a pigment to absorb incident light.

Can be expressed as a relative percentage of the coloring power of a standard pigment sample.

Covering power.

The ability to cover the surface color of a substrate in a film-forming material.

The number of grams of pigment contained in a paint commonly used to cover an area of 1 square metre.

Water-soluble substance: water-soluble substance in organic pigments, expressed as a percentage of the pigment mass.

Paint, its water - soluble matter is often controlled in less than 1%.

Oil absorption: refers to the number of grams of refined flaxseed oil required when 100 grams of pigment are formed into uniform clumps, preferably the one with small oil absorption, which is related to the specific surface area and structure of pigment particles.

Light resistance: the ability of a pigment to retain its original color under certain light conditions.

General use eight class system to express, eight class good.

Weather resistance.

The ability of pigment to maintain its original properties under certain natural or artificial climatic conditions.

Use 5 class to make commonly express, 5 class are good.

Volatile matter: basically point to moisture content, general regulation does not exceed 1%.

Common USES of pigments:

Widely used in paint, ink, oil painting paste, makeup paint, color paper and other indispensable raw materials.

It is also used for filling and coloring of plastics, rubber products and synthetic fiber stock.