Application of petroleum resin in road sign paint

- Feb 27, 2020-

Petroleum resin is insulating material, filling material and pouring material aliphatic petroleum resin good weather resistance can be made into outdoor high voltage insulator to replace ceramic products.

It has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, good impact resistance and easy production.

Because of its excellent electrical properties and color stability, it can be used as packaging material for light-emitting diodes.

After plasticized with polyols, it is widely used in filling and sealing transformers, high voltage coils and various small electronic components.

This kind of products can also meet the requirements of good thermal impulse resistance, high thermal deformation temperature and excellent critical electrical characteristics.

Because of the high heat resistance, curing shrinkage, dimensional stability of the oil resin, so we can make the oil casting mold (plastic mold).

Compared with the metal mold easy processing, cheap price, light quality, conducive to molding operation and other advantages.

It is especially suitable for the composite material products with larger size, more complicated surface, higher precision and less production.

It has been widely used in the manufacture of airplanes and automobiles.

Road signs and road marking paint, generally known as road paint, mainly normal temperature, heating and melting.

The main branches for road sign paint are:

Acrylic resin, chlorinated rubber, alkyd resin, modified alkyd resin, epoxy resin, petroleum resin, petroleum resin, relative to other resin possesses the advantages of low cost, good performance, and petroleum resin on the concrete or asphalt pavement have good adhesion, water resistance and abrasion resistance and, in addition of petroleum resin has a good affinity with the inorganic compound, easy coating, good weather resistance, quick drying, strong degree is high, petroleum resin not only can improve the physical and chemical properties of the coating, such as hardness, impact strength and bending, and can improve its resistance to ultraviolet light and weather resistance, the longest service life up to 3 years,

The usage of foreign petroleum resin road sign paint accounts for 25%- 30% of the total road sign paint.