Application of calcined zinc oxide in ceramic industry

- Sep 30, 2018-

In the ceramic industry, calcined zinc oxide is mainly used in the following aspects

1. As flux:

when zinc calcined oxide is used as flux in low temperature frit glaze, the general dosage is between 5% and 10%, and the general dosage is about 5% in low temperature raw glaze.


2. As turbidity agent:

calcined zinc oxide is added to glaze containing high chlorine trioxide, which can improve the turbidity of glaze surface.Because zinc oxide can form zinc spinel crystal with Al2O3. In a zinc-containing opacified glaze, chlorine trioxide can increase the whiteness and opacities of the glaze, while silicon oxide can increase the gloss of the glaze.

zinc oxide


3. Used as crystallizer:

in the crystal glaze of art glaze, zinc oxide is an indispensable crystallizer. When the glaze is rapidly cooled, it forms a large crystal pattern, which is very beautiful. In the crystal glaze, the amount of zinc oxide is as high as 20-30%.


4. Cobalt sky blue glaze:

 calcined zinc oxide is a very important flux in the cobalt sky blue glaze, which can make the cobalt oxide form a beautiful sky blue in the glaze.