A sudden! US President Donald trump to lift sanctions on Iran oil

- Sep 17, 2019-

Last night, President trump again attacked the federal reserve, saying it should cut interest rates to zero or even set negative rates.

Mr Trump also called fed officials "idiots" on twitter.

But Mr Trump's rhetorical barbs seem to have broken down and the dollar index continues its upward march.

While the dollar has risen, major non-us currencies have fallen on their own pet peeves.

Oil prices also plunged on news that U.S. President Donald trump was considering easing sanctions on Iran, even as markets were relatively calm.

Some analysts believe trump discussed easing sanctions on Iran to secure a meeting with Iranian President hassan rouhani later this month.

Former us national security adviser John bolton is said to be "strongly" opposed to the move, while us Treasury secretary Stephen mnuchin is said to be in favour.

Later in the day, Mr. Trump fired his national security adviser.

Trump is likely to meet with Iranian President hassan rouhani on the sidelines of a UN meeting on September 23.

Zerohedge, a financial blog, said oil prices fell after the EIA report and accelerated after news that former U.S. national security adviser John bolton had been fired because he disagreed with U.S. President Donald trump's decision to ease sanctions on Iran in exchange for a meeting with Iranian President hassan rouhani.

At a meeting on Monday, Treasury secretary Steven mnuchin said he supported easing sanctions on Iran as a way to restart talks with Tehran, according to people familiar with the matter.