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Welcome To Chengbang Guangzhou Chengbang High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd. predecessor is Guangzhou Chengbang Chemical Technology Co. Ltd, which is established in September,2007. It is located in the south of China, Guangzhou.The company is a technology enterprise with an integration of research and development, cooperative production.After resent years development,Chengbang has become a leader of rubber chemicals industry . Mainlly products are Rubber Antioxidant、Rubber Accelerator、Rubber...

Hot Products

    • C5 Petroleum Resin

      C5 Petroleum Resin

      The C5 Petroleum Resin is a low molecular weight, amber color thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin produced from aromatic petroleum-derived monomers .It is characterized by low molecular weight distribution parameters and by high level compatibility ,by excellent resistant to acid, alkali and moisture. With good balance of flex, tear, tack and adhesion properties in polymer base, this resin is widely used in industrial paints.

    • Rubber Antioxidant TMQ(RD)

      Rubber Antioxidant TMQ(RD)

      Its long persistence in rubber allows it to provide long-term heat aging resistance to rubber compounds.