Guangzhou Chengbang High-Tech Materials Co.,Ltd

Welcome To Chengbang Guangzhou Chengbang High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd. predecessor is Guangzhou Chengbang Chemical Technology Co. Ltd, which is established in September,2007. It is located in the south of China, Guangzhou.The company is a technology enterprise with an integration of research and development, cooperative production.After resent years development,Chengbang has become a leader of rubber chemicals industry . Mainlly products are Rubber Antioxidant、Rubber Accelerator、Rubber

Hot Products

    • Zinc Oxide Indirect Process

      Zinc Oxide Indirect Process

      It is used as a white pigment for dyeing, paper making, matches and medicine industry. Used in rubber industry as natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex, surfactant, reinforcing agent and colorant.

    • Rubber Accelerator TMTD

      Rubber Accelerator TMTD

      It is used As a primary accelerator with sulfur for curing systems requiring very low or no sulfur. Often used to activate thiazole or sulfonamide curing systems as a secondary accelerator in conjunction with thiazoles and as a curing agent without sulfur.

    • Rubber Antioxidant TMQ(RD)

      Rubber Antioxidant TMQ(RD)

      Its long persistence in rubber allows it to provide long-term heat aging resistance to rubber compounds.